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8 Habits that Leaders can Practice to Stay Focused

Habits for increased focus and productivityIncorporate these habits into your regular routines to stay focused on what is most important.

1.Plan a trip. It turns out that even thinking about a vacation is healthy. When people plan a trip, they envision the activities, the places they visit, and even the views. That planning helps our brains relax as though we were there. Planning is like a mini vacation for the mind. As leaders, encourage people to schedule vacation time, plan the vacation, and take the vacation.

2.Care for health. Encourage your teams to stay fit with good nutrition, lots of water, exercise, and restful sleep. It sounds basic, but many of us sacrifice our health when we get busy with work. Make sure it is easy for your teams to be healthy at work. Some workplaces have free filtered or bottled water available, and others bring in health lunches for special occasions.


 Tool of the Week

Dealing with the Stress of a Crisis or Difficult Situation

When we go through a crisis, our stress levels increase significantly. Whether it is a natural disaster, an accident, a global pandemic, or a workplace change, dealing with a crisis can take its toll.


More and more, leaders and managers have to help their teams cope with the stress surrounding a crisis, challenge, or change. Workplaces have to equip their people with tools they can use to deal with stressful situations. Many workplaces are expanding their medical benefits to include more mental health resources. If you or your teams are struggling to cope in a crisis, here are some techniques that may help.


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