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How Your Daily Decisions Determine Destiny

We often do not consider how seemingly insignificant choices lead to habits that have long-term consequences.

How we choose to spend our mental energy and physical time impacts us and those around us.

Lots of little decisions add up and create outcomes, so we must make sure we are making good choices, even about seemingly insignificant things.

A friend lamented that her recent flight was delayed by 4 hours, and she was upset that she lost those 4 hours. How did she lose those hours? Instead of working on a report with an upcoming deadline, which was an option, she watched movies. Why did she watch movies instead of working, even though she knew it was going to cause her to get behind with her work? “Because,” she said, “They delay was not my fault. I deserved the break.”

Tool of the Week

5-Minute Vision Plan

Our mission is what we do, such as “we play baseball.” A vision is “we are going to the World Series.” Leaders need to create a vision that gives people purpose and direction, and coalesces them around a goal bigger than themselves.


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